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Registered: ‎02-16-2014

Missing drivers for xylon logicvc core in Xilinx 3.14.2 kernel.

I'm just updated my tools to Vivado 2014.2 and Petalinux 2014.2 and found that Xilinx Kernel 3.14.2 which comes with Petalinux 2014.2 missing Xylon LogicCV frame buffer driver. Can anybody comment on why it was removed?


I'm trying to add it manually, but no luck so far. There is some Xylon DRM driver, but I can't find any manual on how to use it. And Xylon ref. design for MicroZed based on Vivado 2013.2 and FrameBuffer, not DRM version.


Any got Xylon LogicCV core working with 3.14 kernel ?


Thank you.

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Observer xylonsupport
Registered: ‎05-14-2013

Re: Missing drivers for xylon logicvc core in Xilinx 3.14.2 kernel.

Xylon fb driver has been removed from latest Xilinx Linux kernel because Xylon DRM driver replaced it.

DRM driver type regarding to fb driver type is standard and compatible to Xilinx TRD usage scenario, where sharing of video memory buffers between various IP cores controlled with V4L2 drivers is done. Xylon DRM driver fits in this scenario with standard interface. To say the simplest, fb driver does not have standard interface for that kind of usage.


Try to find the last tagged Xilinx kernel which contains Xylon fb driver and check driver kconfig and make files, if you want to add it manually. Do not forget to take from the same kernel drivers/media/i2c/adv7511.c driver file also and add it to the kernel. You can replace existing adv7511.c file since original is not good for use with logiCVC IP core. If you do not do that, you will not have possibility to initialize and use ADV7511 device which is used by logiCVC to display picture on connected display, but logiCVC device will be normally initialized by xylon fb driver.


DRM driver is simple to use to get fb console. Enable it in the kernel, add support in dts file and that should be enough.



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