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Registered: ‎04-14-2011

PCI Express Bus driver on PetaLinux - Ml605

Dear All,


I have ML605 board with MicroBlaze and PetaLinux OS running, I will be using Xilinx soft IP core " PLB2PCIe bridge"


I need to connected to a SCSI device (SSD) using PCIe protocol, PetaLinux does provide device drivers for SCSI, it uses Kernel: Linux/Microblaze which is a minimized version of the original Linux/x686


However, in the (make menuconfig) in the Bus options, it only provides "PCI support",  which includes:


"Xilinx PCI host bridge support"

"PCI stub driver"

"PCI IOV support"


there is no support for PCI express as in the original kernel.


what are my options here?


can I take the standard linux PCIe drivers and make them work for Xilinix' PLB2PCIe bridge?

Should I write a module for PCIe from scratch ?


Please, if any one can help. I need some  guidance here because I'm totally lost. How do I make PetaLinux support Xilinx PLB2PCIe bridge IP core?


Best Regards,


Best Regards,
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