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Visitor dikon
Registered: ‎02-23-2015

Petalinux 2014.4: Symlinks not preserved in targetroot


I'm trying to include some cross-compiled apps to my petalinux project, one of that being ncurses-5.9. The files are being included into the rootfs.cpio file, but all the symbolic links from my apps are de-referenced, leading to an unnecessarily large u-boot image. On the contrary, symbolic links from the linux kernel itself are preserved, e.g. /lib/ld-linux.so.3, which is a link to ld-2.18.so.

For example, <pl_proj_dir>/components/apps/ncurses/data/usr/bin/captoinfo is a symbolic link to the tic program in the same directory. In the build subdirectory, under <pl_proj_dir>/build/linux/rootfs/apps/ncurses/data/usr/bin, captoinfo is still a symbolic link to tic in that same directory. But now, under <pl_proj_dir>/build/linux/rootfs/targetroot/usr/bin, captoinfo suddenly is a real file identical to tic, i.e. a copy. Correspondingly, in the cpio init file <pl_proj_dir>/build/linux/rootfs_init_cpio_file, the entry for capstoinfo starts with

file /usr/bin/capstoinfo ...

instead of

symlink /usr/bin/capstoinfo ...


How can this be fixed such that the symlinks in the final rootfs.cpio file are being preserved? The behaviour described above is very bad as it leads to an unnecessarily large image (there are many more symlinks in my apps).


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Visitor dikon
Registered: ‎02-23-2015

Re: Petalinux 2014.4: Symlinks not preserved in targetroot

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