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Petalinux problem was transplanted with a soft microblaze from v7FPGA

MicroBlaze, a soft core with V7FPGA, is expected to port the petalinux operating system.Check the ug1144 manual and learn that Microblzae soft core under vivado needs to be set up.Chip data is introduced as follows: 1Microblaze is set to linux-mmu mode;Provide external storage controller;3 dual-channel clock interruption;4 serial port interrupt;Use FLASH memory chips.

The following questions are available, and I hope they can help me:

How to set up 2,3,4,5 items of chip data when generating microblaze's IP core configuration under the vivado tool?

2 do data and instruction caches need to be set during IP kernel configuration?Do you need to add cached IP cores to your setup?

3 under petalinux, after the. HDF matches the petalinux project, it will enter the configuration hardware information interface. How to configure?

Thank you for your attention

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