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Registered: ‎02-05-2019

Programming PS eFuse from u-boot based on xilskey_efuse_example source on Zynq 7000


I'm using the 2018.1 SDK and have built some code based on xilskey_efuse_example.c to write the PS eFuse.

I am able to load and run the .elf, successfully, via XSCT.

I am also able to tftpboot the .elf via u-boot and run it via the u-boot bootelf command.

The question I have, and I have seen a couple other threads on the topic where the answer was unclear, but is there a reason that PS eFuse functionality has not been added to the u-boot-xlnx branch so that this can be done without having to build your own standalone executable to do this - Maybe it's available in a later version of the SDK or u-boot-xlnx?  I have also seen reference to adding this functionality to petalinux in the the 2018 timeframe - Is this available/was it ever completed?  I imagine I could patch this into u-boot at this point but it would be preferrable if this was available from xilinx.

Thanks, Jason

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Registered: ‎09-25-2018

I'm also looking for a way to read the PS eFuse-es from U-Boot, so it would be good to know if made any progress on this 

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