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Registered: ‎12-20-2017

Question about network skew parameters

Can anyone tell me if the PHY's tx and rx skew parameters get configured automatically by petalinux?  Would it happen with all PHY brands, or only some?

I'm targetting petalinux on two boards: one using the same PHYs as the ZCU102, and another using a Vitesse PHY.

I had to run a barebones app on board with the Vitesse once, but for various reasons I could not run lwip.  The traces on the board were of custom length, so I had to play around with the tx and rx skew parameters to find the sweet spots for error-less network traffic (the fabric sent a udp packet for this test).

I'm wondering how this gets done in the normal case... How does this get done in the default ZCU102 petalinux installation?  Does this get done "intelligently" in the driver?  Or are there hard-coded values that are put in the driver (somewhere) based on the fact that it is a known platform type?

With a new board, with new traces to and from the PHY from the ultrascale, how will I change these with petalinux?

For the moment, I've put this in Embedded Boot and Configuration.  It is possible that there is a better forum for this.  Feel free to adjust as needed.

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Registered: ‎12-20-2017

Re: Question about network skew parameters

I'm thinking this was the wrong forum.  Perhaps Embedded Linux would have been better, since I'm essentially wondering how to set the parameters on petalinux.  However, in the past, I have cross-posted and I've been dinged by the moderator. 

I don't know if multiple "dings" might be seen as bad behavior.  How should I get this post looked at in that forum?



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