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Registered: ‎07-17-2014

Question on MMAP from Userland to DMA Accessible RAM

Hey all,

I realize this may be a little out of scope for a Xilinx board topic - hopefully not since I'd guess this is a common question for anyone piping DMA to a User application..


In my previous thread of getting DMA data into RAM:

I want to follow up now by allowing the user application to directly access my various frame buffers.

I'm looking for a good example as I'm not sure if the conversation of allocating the buffers still starts in the kernel and then the user application asks for access to that or if the userland application allocates the needed buffers and then tells the kernel (which then tells DMA).

I have the Linux Device Drivers 3rd edition, but boy -- between it and Google, I'm not sure how accurate anything is anymore. (sigh)

Little help?



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