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Visitor eeskerud
Registered: ‎12-04-2012

Support for SATA AHCI in Linux

I have implemented a SATA Host Controller on the  XC7Z045 device on the ZC706 board. An SSD is connected to the GTX transceivers on the Zynq device. The host controller use AHCI which should be supported by Linux without the need for additional drivers. The starting point for the Linux kernel I use was the xilinx-14.3-build2-trd with the patches from the zynq_pcie_trd_14_3 design. I ran the menuconfig to enable  Bus support->PCI support and Device Drivers -> Serial ATA and Parallel ATA drivers -> AHCI SATA support and Platform AHCI SATA support. The problem is that I see no sign of the disk after boot. LEDs indicate that the SATA Host Controller detects the disk, so the problem is must likely related to the communication between Linux and the AHCI layer in the HW. I would expect to see the disk under /dev/sda or similar. Anyone got an idea of what I am missing here?

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Visitor fangyuwei
Registered: ‎03-13-2012

Re: Support for SATA AHCI in Linux

I'm interested on this topic. Any reply from Xilinx?

Are you using external SATA Host Controller chipset?

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