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Participant bhoevding
Registered: ‎05-02-2019

UltraZed - Error with Linux Device Driver

Hello Everyone,

I am currently trying to get a device driver running. Furthermore I am using PetaLinux V2018.3 to generate my Boot-Files (image-4.14.0.ub, BOOT.BIN, ...) and I am using Debian 10 as my Root-FS. The issue I am currently struggling with is, that some of the functions from the device driver cant be compiled due to missing headers. Statically including the header "*/usr/include/asm/outerchache.h" allows me to compile the driver, but once adding the module I get the following error.

$ dmesg
loading out-of-tree modules taints kernel
Unknown symbol __flush_dcache_area

I have tried to add the Kernel Headers by calling

make headers_install INSTALL_HDR_PATH=/usr

but the outercache.h is not included when calling the makefile.

I have read that I should'nt use those particular headers because they are arm-platform specific, but in order to continue with this task I would appreciate your expertise regarding this matter. Is it okay to use that specific header with functions like __cpuc_flush_dcache_area or is there an alternative? Is there some configuration I missed, which enables me to generate the outerchache.h for the Avnet-UltraZed-EG?

Please let me know should you need more informationa and i would appreciate all the help I can get regarding this matter.


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