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Observer alberto.ortiz
Registered: ‎11-19-2018

Using ILA and Linux cross-trigger


I am using a PYNQ board running Linux booted from an SD. The PL is configured to use an AXI GPIO to communicate with the LEDs (a simple hardware system). I have also inserted the ILA for hardware debugging. I am using Vivado and SDK 2017.1

I have verified the PL functionality running an standalone application and debugging it using cross-triggering in SDK in both directions (PL to PS and PS to PL). Everything works fine.

The problem comes when I try to cross-trigger in a Linux environment. I can certainly use the hardware manager to run the ILA core and capture data when a condition is met. Even though, this condition should trigger a signal (trigger in to the PS) and stop the processors. I cannot get to achieve this. The SDK system debugger doesn't have support for cross-triggering when debugging Linux applications through the tcf-agent. Moreover, when debugging a Linux application through SDK and a breakpoint is reached, it doesn't cross-trigger the ILA.

I imagine this two problems come from not enabling the cross-trigger as in a standalone application through the system debugger, but I can't get to find where I should enable this in the Linux environment to function in a similar way as an standalone application (cross-triggering in both directions). Maybe in the FSBL?

Another problem arises when debugging a Linux application through the system debugger in SDK. Some breakpoints are skipped. I have noticed that if the breakpoints are closer together they function correctly, but the more separate they are the more probability to be skipped.

I am more concerned about the first two problems (cross-triggering from PS-PL and PL-PS). Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you all in advance.

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Observer alberto.ortiz
Registered: ‎11-19-2018

Re: Using ILA and Linux cross-trigger

Okay, after reading some things about CoreSight I realized it is necessary to include it in the devicetree for it to appear under /sys/bus/coresight/devices and /drivers. Even though, I have read there is no current Linux driver for using the CTI available in CoreSight (but it is in process). As such, I have to discard the option of cross-triggering from and to the PS and PL.
I have done a workaround with a GPIO signal, even though there is some latency to start getting the data I really need on the ILA.
Nevertheless, if someone gets to use the cross triggering Linux(PS)-PL I would love to hear from it.
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