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Observer xzyyjy
Registered: ‎07-13-2008

Who can help me ? About spartan-3E networking ,and linux.

Now , I use the Spartan 3E board and I want to build a system , the system can used to do some analyse about the data which transfer to the local PC from internet.

It seems there are two methods to be adopted:


(1).Setup the microblaze on FPGA ,add lwIP TCP/IP Stack ,and xilkernel is a available os;

(2).Use linux as the embeded os.


Can you tell me which mentod is a better choice ,and where can I get some useful information about my project?

how to use linux on spartan-3E?

thank you very much!

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Scholar golson
Registered: ‎04-07-2008

Re: Who can help me ? About spartan-3E networking ,and linux.

If you have not looked at XAPP1026 it is very informative.  You do not need to use a OS such as xilkernal.  You can use the standalone project which is faster at

transferring data.  It is called Raw Mode.  XAPP1026 also has a example for spartan 3 AN  I think.



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Visitor billuni
Registered: ‎06-30-2008

Re: Who can help me ? About spartan-3E networking ,and linux.


Microblaze is not generally compatible with linux till now. There's a micro-kernel called xilkernel which contains thread, message queue, shared memory, semaphore, mutex and some other features. It could be enough for microblaze.


Lwip has two mode: socket and RAW. Socket mode can run on xilkernel, and is easier to program. RAW is for standalone and is a little harder.

For performance, socket is at most 1Mbps for whatever platform you use, while RAW can be 40-50Mbps.


So if you care much about the performance and have a good command of programming, choose RAW. If you look for multi-funtion and do not care for performance so much, choose Socket.



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Observer xzyyjy
Registered: ‎07-13-2008

Re: Who can help me ? About spartan-3E networking ,and linux.



I have got some information that uclinux can support microblaze. Right?

And are there some available software ,if we use uclinux os  ,can be used immediately?

where can i find more information about  Lwip or uclinux?


I have found some example which use uclinux, the defference is that the board is not spartan-3E start bord ,it is v2p development board,

is it possible to use uclinux on  spartan-3E start bord?



thank you!!!! 

Message Edited by xzyyjy on 07-17-2008 09:50 PM
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Visitor shahradp
Registered: ‎04-04-2008

Re: Who can help me ? About spartan-3E networking ,and linux.

Petalinux is working on Spartan-3E starter kit, and if you are familiar with the Linux network stack, it could be a way to develope your project. Have tcpdump working on Spartan-3E, which is network sniffer.
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