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Registered: ‎02-10-2019

Wrong/miss aligned output of axidma running under petalinux but correct on baremetal application


I am using axi_datastream_fifo and axi_dma to transfer PL generated counter data into PS.

It works fine under bare-metal application and the output is exactly the same i wanted.

Attached "helloworld.c" is the program i am running and getting correct output.


For Running dma application in petalinux i followed this link . The application is running and transferring the data too but it misses starting few bytes(4 bytes) and after that data is correct. But after the first transfer, in 2nd transfer onward it should again start from the beginning say from 00,01..... but it starts with some random value i don't know why its happening in linux while it runs fine in baremetal application. Program "Hello_linux.c" is the program i am running in petalinux for dma transfer.

Also i need help to capture dma data transfer completion interrupt under petalinux.

Please suggest. 

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