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Visitor spacenick88
Registered: ‎02-23-2016

Xilinx Linux kernel bug reporting: GitHub Issue Page and all reports just gone

Dear Xilinx,


About a week ago I reported a possible bug on Xilinx's Linux kernel GitHub page (https://github.com/Xilinx/linux-xlnx). It was quite some effort to comb through the code and come up with a theory on why the xilinx_vdma driver doesn't work with multiple buffers in a single transaction for me. I used relevant code references and put effort into explaining how the issues I saw in the code coincide with the problematic behavior and issues I'm seeing. So after seeing no activity on that issue as well as others I started a (now deleted) forum thread here today, asking where to properly report such issues. Now, instead of answering that question the Issue page on GitHub is just gone probably without anyone copying the reports over to wherever Xilinx wants them. Obviously I too don't have a backup of my report because why the hell would I.

I get it Xilinx wants to do things the same way across their products and if they think forums are a better solution to issue tracking than a real issue tracker with commit referencing, responsibility tracking and well defined statusses so be it but losing reports like this really sucks. Proper issue reports are a valuable asset and when they are well done they are essentially free work that saves valuable man hours. I'll report my issue again because it's vital to our project but consider this rant a clear sign that you guys really need to think about how you can work with, instead of agains,t your developer community because it's your **bleep** product getting better when bugs get reported and fixed.