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Registered: ‎06-04-2018

ZCU102: UART 0 on APU Petalinux and UART 1 on RPU

Hi Forum,

I managed to get Linux on APU an my own Bare-metal DPD application on RPU, running from an SD card boot. However, the only thing missing is having UART 0 to be use by the APU only and UART 1 used for printf on RPU only. I performed the Embedded design tutorial successfully (UG1209), however, I am failing to perfom the transition to my own application. I did the:

- Isolation part on the Zynq processing in my Vivado block design

- RPU R5 BSP modification to link my R5 app to psu_uart_1 instead of 0.

It works correctly, during boot up. I can see both UART console  outputting their own printf messages but once Linux booting sequence is finished, RPU UART 1 stop printing (as if Linux takes the control or close the UART 1 peripheral). 


Am I missing something? I don't know much about Linux. Should I modify the device tree? Or is it additional code on the RPU bare-metal app?





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Visitor poseidonj
Registered: ‎10-21-2014

Re: ZCU102: UART 0 on APU Petalinux and UART 1 on RPU

In my experience, when Xilinx DPD baremetal boots, it deactivates all interrupts except for some of the interrupts that it uses. So, please check first if your UART application uses Tx/Rx interrupt. If so, you could reactivate UART interrupt after DPD boot, or modify your UART application in polling.

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Registered: ‎06-04-2018

Re: ZCU102: UART 0 on APU Petalinux and UART 1 on RPU

Hi and thanks for your reply. 


My DPD baremetal app uses UART simply to print data on the console. I am still not sure if I need interrupts to do this but if I remove Linux from the equation (on the APU, instead of running my others apps in Linux, I run their baremetal version), it works, APUs apps are printing on UART 0 and the DPD process on RPU is printing on UART 1. As you said, Linux seems to disable something, somewhere. I will look into the interrupts, as you suggest.

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Registered: ‎06-04-2018

Re: ZCU102: UART 0 on APU Petalinux and UART 1 on RPU

I worked a little bit today on the problem. I read on the Xilinx forums (https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Embedded-Linux/ZCU102-V1-0-petalinux-2017-4-ttyPS1-uart-doesn-t-work/td-p/866806) that by default, the UART1 is disabled in petalinux, so I modified the system-user.dtsi with the following:

&uart1 {

             status = "okay";


As proposed by Xilinx on the forum. However, after petalinux boot, I still don't see ttyPS1 as a device, only ttyPS0. I am using the Xilinx final 2017.4 BSP for petalinux, I didn't touched any configuration besides modifying the dtsi. 


I also checked my Vivado 2017.4 FPGA design to make sur that both UART are enabled, which is the case.


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