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Registered: ‎05-12-2020

Zync Ultrascale+ critical temperature shutdown


We have a custom board based on Zync Ultrascale+ CPU.

I can read PS temperature from /sys/bus/iio/devices/iio\:device0/in_temp*.

The target is to do critical CPU temperature shutdown on very low level, not from userspace.

If I read TRM right, CPU can handle it itself with proper SYSMON configuration.

Another way to implement this functionality would be sensor registration in the kernel thermal subsystem.

I have configured already thermal shutdown for external sensors like lm75 which can be seen now under /sys/class/thermal and under /sys/class/hwmon. Unfortunately I don't see any prints of hwmon/thermal calls in the xilinx-ams.c or even in the xilinx-adc-core.c
Previously I have configured this functionality for NXP processors and now wondering why it is so hard in the Xilinx. I believe many developers was trying to implement same functionality before me, but I can't see any signs of it over Internet.
Userspace application, which would read temperature from sysfs or listen for events is a plan B, but I really want to configure cooling devices (DVFS) and to have thermal shutdown in the kernel.

Any clues and hints are appreciated.

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