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Observer daleye
Registered: ‎11-13-2014

Zynq bare metal u-boot, tftp, ethernet configuration

I have found the information surrounding the ZC702 eval design booting an FSBL and u-Boot.bin from local storage, then pulling linux image down over TFTP.


What I am trying to find is a brief rundown of the following procedure:


1.) FSBL

2.) Boot U-Boot image from QSPI -> U-Boot w/ bare metal bsp that includes ethernet connected to PL pins

3a) Look for TFTP Host

3b) If present, write image to QSPI application address

3c) If not present, boot from QSPI application address




The main issue I'm trying to understand is if the u-boot bin requires the ethernet to be connected to PS package pins or if it can use PL package pins through AXI ethernet, EMIO, etc.


I know remote configuration over ethernet was possible in older designs with microblaze, but the support for this seems poorly documented for the Zynq. Pointers to a handful of XAPP notes is fine.




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