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Visitor lmtripod
Registered: ‎10-22-2018

/dev/mmcblk0pl1 not found when boot from 16/32GB TF card

Hi there,

Question : Adding below into system-user.dtsi can solve subject mentioned problem[1]. For 8GB TF card, no modification is needed. How to explain this phenomenon ?

&sdhci1 {

Setup : 

- Hardware, customized MPSOC board

- Toolkit, Ubuntu 16.04, PetaLinux 2017.2.


Description :

8/16/32GB TF cards are tested. /dev/mmcblk0p1 founding result are shown in below table. 


    isDtsiModify | 32GB            |  16GB             | 8GB

    No                     Not found        Not found       Found

    Yes                    Found               Found              Found 


For each TF card, its parameters are list below :

#Size, brand, model

8GB, Chuanyu, KA17010B | C10

16GB, SanDisk Ultra, HC I | C10

32GB, SanDisk Ultra, HC I | C10 | U1


Reference :

[1] https://forum.trenz-electronic.de/index.php?topic=874.0


Thanks a lot !

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