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Registered: ‎10-10-2014

difference between the 'Xilinx Wiki Zynq Linux' and Petalinux flow

I'm using Vivado 2015.4


If I understand it correctly, there are 2 ways to work with Linux on Zynq devices


Method 1: a 'manual' flow according to the Xilinx wiki


we currently use this method, so manually generated u-boot, kernel, dts -> dtb, ...  We also use Ubuntu as root file system



Method 2 : using petalinux tools


so far we didn't make use of the petalinux tools (but maybe that's a wrong idea), as we wanted to use a different RFS (Ubuntu). But the flow seems so much easier, so I have the following questions :


1) is the 'wiki flow' an older way of working, from before the Petalinux tools? Or what exactly is the difference between both flows?

2) Could we use the petalinux tools to generate everything except the RFS (or just don't use the Petalinux RFS, but replace it with our Ubuntu RFS?). 


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Community Manager
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You can consider PetaLinux tools as a platform that eases building Linux based products. It helps customize, build and deploy Embedded Linux solutions on Xilinx processing systems. You can find more details about PetaLinux from
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