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Registered: ‎02-11-2019

flashing qspi and emmc


I am using zynq-xc7z020 SOM it has both Qspi and emmc. What i am trying to do is flashing the boot partion in Qspi and rootfs in emmc. 

My Boot partion has 1.Boot.bin 2.devicetree.dtb 3.fpga.bin 4.uImage 5.uEnv.txt

I am using debian as rootfs. 

By using flashcp command i am flashing Boot partion files into Boot.bin--mtd0 ,uImage --mtd1 devicetree.dtb--mtd2, fpga.bin--mtd3 uEnv.txt--mtd4

after booting from the emmc mode . Boot logs are hanging . I am not able to get the devicetree.dtb information . it is getting stop after the kernal is loadded .

Please help me regarding this isse.


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