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Registered: ‎04-09-2018

no booting linux from flash in kc705


I have designed a microblaze light system in vivado software version 2017.4 for KC705 board as described in link below

after generating bitstream and exporting hardware, I created a new project with petalinux version 2017.2 and configured that with hdf file created by vivado. in linux System Configuration menu --> Subsystem AUTO Hardware Settings --> flash setting --> I chose

( Advanced Flash Auto Configuration) and changed the fpga partition size to 0Xb00000 and boot partition size to 0X60000 and after saving new configuration I built the linux with petalinux-build command and it was successful.

for creating mcs file I used command below:

petalinux-package --boot \
--format MCS \
--force \
--fpga <plnx-proj-root/images/linux> /design_1_wrapper.bit \
--offset 0x000000 \
--u-boot <plnx-proj-root/images/linux> /u-boot-s.bin \
--offset 0xb00000 \
--fsbl <plnx-proj-root/images/linux> /fs-boot.elf \
--offset 0xb60000 \
--kernel <plnx-proj-root/images/linux> /image.ub \
--offset 0xb63000 \
--flash-size 128 \
--flash-intf BPIx16 \
--output test3_02.mcs

and mcs file generated and I programmed KC705 flash with this mcs file.

after connecting to KC705 uart with picocom and 9600 baudrate and restarting the board, I see below message:

FS-BOOT First Stage Bootloader (c) 2013-2014 Xilinx Inc.
Project name: 1
Build date: Jun 9 2018 03:17:20
Serial console: Uartlite
FS-BOOT: Booting from FLASH.


and there is no other booting log messages and it doesn't change.

where is my mistake?

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