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Registered: ‎10-09-2017

petalinux 2016.4 installation fail

Hello Dear All,

I have installed the petalinux 2016.4 on the Ubuntu 16.04 (64bit) for several times due to installation fails like as below.

Would you please help me with that, what's wrong with this fail?



INFO: Checking installer checksum...
INFO: Extracting PetaLinux installer...
INFO: Installing PetaLinux...
WARNING: You haven't specified the installation location.
WARNING: By default, it will be installed in your working directory: /home/petalinux
Please input "y" to proceed the installation, exit otherwise:y
INFO: Checking PetaLinux installer integrity...
WARNING: PetaLinux installation directory: /home/petalinux/. is not empty!
Please input "y" to continue to install PetaLinux in that directory?[n]y
INFO: Extracting Installation files...


PetaLinux SDK contains software from a number of sources. Please review
the following licenses and indicate your acceptance of each to continue.

You do not have to accept the licenses, however if you do not then you may
not use PetaLinux SDK.

Use PgUp/PgDn to navigate the license viewer, and press 'q' to close

Press Enter to display the license agreements
Do you accept Xilinx End User License Agreement? [y/N] > y
Do you accept Webtalk Terms and Conditions? [y/N] > y
Do you accept Third Party End User License Agreement? [y/N] > y
INFO: Checking installation environment requirements...
INFO: Checking free disk space
INFO: Checking installed tools
INFO: Checking installed development libraries
ERROR: You are missing these development libraries required by PetaLinux:

- zlib1g:i386

Please install them with your operating system package manager, and try again
INFO: Checking network and other services
INFO: Installing PetaLinux SDK to "/home/petalinux/."
tar: .: Cannot utime: Operation not permitted
tar: .: Cannot change mode to rwxrwxr-x: Operation not permitted
tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
ERROR: Failed to install PetaLinux SDK into "/home/petalinux/."

Please refer to the PetaLinux Tools Installation Guide.

Check the troubleshooting guide at the end of that manual, and if you are
unable to resolve the issue please contact customer support with file:

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Registered: ‎10-09-2017

In addition, I run at /home with normal user.

aither3@ubuntu:/home/petalinux$ ./ 

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