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Registered: ‎11-09-2014

petalinux uboot data abort


U-Boot-PetaLinux> run sdboot
boot Petalinux
Device: zynq_sdhci
Manufacturer ID: 41
OEM: 3432
Name: SD8GB
Tran Speed: 50000000
Rd Block Len: 512
SD version 3.0
High Capacity: Yes
Capacity: 7.3 GiB
Bus Width: 4-bit
reading image.ub
5234628 bytes read in 455 ms (11 MiB/s)
## Loading kernel from FIT Image at 02000000 ...
Using 'conf@1' configuration
Trying 'kernel@1' kernel subimage
Description: PetaLinux Kernel
Type: Kernel Image
Compression: gzip compressed
Data Start: 0x020000f0
Data Size: 5222379 Bytes = 5 MiB
Architecture: ARM
OS: Linux
Load Address: 0x00008000
Entry Point: 0x00008000
Hash algo: crc32
Hash value: c435b624
Verifying Hash Integrity ... crc32+ OK
## Loading fdt from FIT Image at 02000000 ...
Using 'conf@1' configuration
Trying 'fdt@1' fdt subimage
Description: Flattened Device Tree blob
Type: Flat Device Tree
Compression: uncompressed
Data Start: 0x024fb1c0
Data Size: 10915 Bytes = 10.7 KiB
Architecture: ARM
Hash algo: crc32
Hash value: 770dab4b
Hash algo: sha1
Hash value: 688f21b5e0326864b30df549125981435e94d524
Verifying Hash Integrity ... crc32+ sha1+ OK
Booting using the fdt blob at 0x24fb1c0
Uncompressing Kernel Image to 0x00008000 ... data abort

MAYBE you should read doc/README.arm-unaligned-accesses

pc : [<0ffa9fac>] lr : [<0ffab9e4>]
sp : 0fb88b68 ip : 0000000e fp : 0fb8bdf0
r10: 0002fffe r9 : 0fb88c34 r8 : 0fb88f48
r7 : 00000007 r6 : 0000303f r5 : 00000001 r4 : 0002fff4
r3 : 0002f948 r2 : 00000009 r1 : 00000112 r0 : 0201410f
Flags: nzCv IRQs off FIQs off Mode SVC_32
Resetting CPU ...

resetting ...


anyone could help me?

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎07-01-2010

Re: petalinux uboot data abort



I would suggest loading Linux Kernel Image ,device-tree & uramdisk through u-boot  to understand the actual problem.For petalinux you have to convert zImage to uImage.

u-boot> fatload mmc 0 0x3000000 uImage
u-boot> fatload mmc 0 0x2A00000 devicetree.dtb
u-boot> fatload mmc 0 0x2000000 uramdisk.image.gz
u-boot> bootm 0x3000000 0x2000000 0x2A00000



Refer to the similar issue discussed in the below thread.





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