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u-boot load kernel stop at starting kernel

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u-boot load kernel stop at starting kernel

I am using u-boot bootm method to load linux kernel. I find it stopped at starting kernel position.

I added some print info in the u-boot src to locate the reason. It went wrong in the dcache disable method.

I do not know how to solve the problem. My board uses zc7030 and the linux kernel version is 3.14.


Can someone tell me how to solve it? Thanks very much.


Pics below are the output info and my print info location in the u-boot src.

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Re: u-boot load kernel stop at starting kernel

Hi Felven


I doubt there is a link missing between u-boot and uImage.

Could you please try running the below command in u-boot-xlnx/tools.
u-boot-xlnx/tools$ export PATH=$PATH:$PWD


And then go back to the linux-xlnx directory and recompile the kernel.



Best Regards


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Re: u-boot load kernel stop at starting kernel



This issue looks like environment setting/version mismatch with Boot loader to Linux Kernel.


In Linux kernel booting, two stages  are present

1. Platform Dependent &

2. Platform Independent


For Platform dependent, the issues occur because of CPU or board related data 

For second case, Issues are because of Kernel, and start_kernel is entry point for second  case

 start_kernel will enter into  Platform related functions and calls each function to make system completely up.


In your case, this issue is from Kernel entry point, it is trying to set the set of variables for MMU (looks like MMU, based on function names), it is not setting it properly.


Please check versions of boot loader and Linux kernel and more importantly , check the Branch names used for compilation. (They should be sync).


These types of issues are nothing to do with debugging , instead of using with correct versions.


Thanks & Regards