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Registered: ‎10-28-2018

xilinx_drm_dri: what is it, where to find it, how to enable it ?

Hi, guys

I'm facing a problem, My application (some camera app, called ZED Explorer by stereolabs) runs with Xorg reports a issue:


libGL error: unable to load driver
libGL error: driver pointer missing
libGL error: failed to load driver xilinx_drm


The application still runs, just don't have a high performance. As you may wonder, my desktop GUI also have extremely low performance.

I figured may be the xilinx_drm issue is the root cause.

The thread 849308 suggests to include Xilinx_DRM in kernel config, which I already done. The issue remains.

@imgignaciomentioned in the thread that the driver is a built-in module.

But seems even it is built-in, some application still cannot find it.

I searched through the generated rootfs by petalinux, there also isn't a available.

I use a non-xilinx-provided ubuntu 16.04 rootfs for arm64 which of course don't have xilinx's user space libs, as xilinx don't provide ubuntu 16.04 rootfs.

I wonder if the running rootfs should be configured with any petalinux compiled library to make it work with xilinx_drm and improve performance

Any suggestions?


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