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Registered: ‎05-17-2019

xilinx drm failed to match device node - failed to probe video timing controller


I have a working baremetal project for Zynq with HDMI output, and now i am trying to boot linux and install the GUI.

The device consists of, VDMA (connected to AXI HP Slave, and subset converter), subset converter, rgb2ycbcr, cresampler, vtc, and axi4s_vid_out. The codec is adv7513. From cores above only ax4s_vid_out, vdma and vtc have axi4lite interface for configuration. 

I've generated the device tree and modified. It looks as follows:

        axi_vdma_0: dma@43000000 {
            #dma-cells = <1>;
            clock-names = "s_axi_lite_aclk", "m_axi_mm2s_aclk", "m_axis_mm2s_aclk";
            clocks = <&clkc 15>, <&clkc 16>, <&clkc 16>;
            compatible = "xlnx,axi-vdma-6.3", "xlnx,axi-vdma-1.00.a";
            interrupt-names = "mm2s_introut";
            interrupt-parent = <&intc>;
            interrupts = <0 29 4>;
            reg = <0x43000000 0x10000>;
            xlnx,addrwidth = <0x20>;
            xlnx,flush-fsync = <0x1>;
            xlnx,num-fstores = <0x3>;
            dma-channel@43000000 {
                compatible = "xlnx,axi-vdma-mm2s-channel";
                interrupts = <0 29 4>;
                xlnx,datawidth = <0x20>;
                xlnx,device-id = <0x0>;
                xlnx,include-dre ;
        v_tc_0: v_tc@43c00000 {
            clock-names = "clk", "s_axi_aclk";
            clocks = <&misc_clk_0>, <&clkc 15>;
            compatible = "xlnx,v-tc-6.1", "xlnx,v-tc-6.1";
            reg = <0x43c00000 0x10000>;
            xlnx,generator ;
        misc_clk_0: misc_clk_0 {
            #clock-cells = <0>;
            clock-frequency = <148500000>;
            compatible = "fixed-clock";


        xilinx_drm {
            compatible = "xlnx,drm";
            xlnx,vtc = <&v_tc_0>;
            xlnx,encoder-slave = <&adv7513>;
            xlnx,connector-type = "HDMIA";
            clocks = <&misc_clk_0>;

            planes {
                xlnx,pixel-format = "yuv422";
                plane0 {
                    dmas = <&axi_vdma_0 0>;
                    dma-names = "axi_vdma_0";

During the boot i have a following problem:


xilinx-vdma 43000000.dma: Xilinx AXI VDMA Engine Driver Probed!!
xilinx-drm xilinx_drm: failed to match the device node
[drm:xilinx_drm_crtc_create] *ERROR* failed to probe video timing controller
brd: module loaded
loop: module loaded

but the VTC is probed later:


IR XMP protocol handler initialized
xilinx-vtc 43c00000.v_tc: device found, version 6.010
cdns-wdt f8005000.watchdog: Xilinx Watchdog Timer at e083e000 with timeout 10s

I am not sure if this is the VTC problem (the error points to it) or the ADV7513 problem, i am not receiving any boot messages from it.





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