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Observer edge30
Registered: ‎10-16-2010

[SDK] Fails to create BSP when using non-default location




1. In SDK create a HW platform Specification

2. in SDK select File ->New -> Board Support Package

3. Uncheck "Use default location"

4. Enter a location different than the default

5. Click "Finish" <-- issue: the BSP is created but NOT in the location you selected but in the default location.


- Issue does not happen when creating other products. i.e. selecting non default locations when creating HW PLatform Specification or APP works ok, only creating a BSP fails.

- Issue happens in all SDK versions since 2015.2 to 2017.4

- Issue happens across multiple platform so it is not platform/system related.

- Issue happens independently of the FPGA part, design, etc.

- When the issue happens, we tried deleting the BSP from SDK only (delete project but keep folder in disk), then manually moving the BSP folder to the desired non-default location and then importing it. The import works ok but now when we update the HW platform specification the BSP is not automatically updated as it is when it is in the default location.


Is this a know behavior? Is there a way to create the BSP in a non-default location? or to import it and keep the auto-update feature?



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