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UART0 routed through PL - Rx not working on Picozed

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Registered: ‎07-17-2015

UART0 routed through PL - Rx not working on Picozed


I routed the UART0 signals of the zynq available on the picozed board through the PL and make them externals to shift signals level to 3V3.

On the PS side, I have a linux environment (4.4.0) generated with Yocto.

The UART1 is already used for the console and it is working perfectly. I would like to use UART0 for a custom application, but the Rx signal is not working.


First to check if the UART0 is working correctly I connected the RX and TX signals of UART0 to a 3V3 FTDI USB cable which is connected to my laptop.
After setting a correct configuration of the serial communication (115200, 8, 1, no parity) I used the following command to send a message to my laptop :


echo "HelloWorld" > /dev/ttyPS0

And I received the following message on my computer (using putty) :




So the Tx signal of UART0 is working.


Then to check the RX signals I performed a similar operation and used the following command to read data :

cat /dev/ttyPS0
This command is waiting for data.
On my laptop I enter any characters but I never received any data on the picozed board.

To check if the signal is routed correctly I double check the pinning in my vivado project and add an ILA to see RX signals in the chipscope.

When data are available I can see them in the chipscope and I can say that it isn't an hardware issue.

For both UART0 and UART1 the uartps driver is used and seems to work correctly for UART1. I don't understant why it is not working for UART0.

Tx is working but not RX so I think about interruptions. To see any interruption, I see the /proc/interrupts file and have the following :


        CPU0 CPU1
16:       0       0         GIC         27         Edge         gt
17:       0       0         GIC         43         Level        ttc_clockevent
18:   599772    119714      GIC         29         Edge         twd
142:     1        0         GIC         57         Level        cdns-i2c
143:   20         0         GIC         80         Level        cdns-i2c
145:     0        0         GIC         35         Level        f800c000.ocmc
146:     1        0         GIC         59         Level
147:     3        0         GIC         82         Level
148:    26        0         GIC         58         Level        e0006000.spi
149:     2        0         GIC         81         Level        e0007000.spi
150:    2064      0         GIC         51         Level        e000d000.spi
151:    32639     0         GIC         54         Level        eth0
152:    7111      0         GIC         79         Level        mmc0
153:     0        0         GIC         45         Level        f8003000.dmac
154:     0        0         GIC         46         Level        f8003000.dmac
155:     0        0         GIC         47         Level        f8003000.dmac
156:     0        0         GIC         48         Level        f8003000.dmac
157:     0        0         GIC         49         Level        f8003000.dmac
158:     0        0         GIC         72         Level        f8003000.dmac
159:     0        0         GIC         73         Level        f8003000.dmac
160:     0        0         GIC         74         Level        f8003000.dmac
161:     0        0         GIC         75         Level        f8003000.dmac
162:     0        0         GIC         40         Level        f8007000.devcfg
171:     0        0         GIC         68         Level        xilinx-vdma-controller
IPI1:     0         0         Timer broadcast interrupts
IPI2:   8754      10100       Rescheduling interrupts
IPI3:     0         0         Function call interrupts
IPI4:     24       18         Single function call interrupts
IPI5:     0         0         CPU stop interrupts
IPI6:     1         0         IRQ work interrupts
IPI7:     0         0         completion interrupts
Err:      0



IRQ 59 and 82 are used for UART0 and 1 but not listed for uartps (yesterday it was listed only for IRQ 82).

To check if the configuration is well done on the UART0 I used the utils devmem2 to read and write UART Controller Registers (Appendix B.33 ug585). I found out that UART0 is not configured like UART1. But when I try to change its settings, nothing happens and I can't receive any data.

Thanks for your help.