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Registered: ‎03-18-2008

axi3/4-to-axi4-stream bridge

1>xilinx has the axi3/4-to-axi4-stream bridge ip?

2>any different between AXI DataMover and AXI Memory Mapped to Stream Mapper ?

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Registered: ‎10-06-2016

Re: axi3/4-to-axi4-stream bridge

Hi @m006


1. AXI Memory Mapped to Stream Mapper (PG102). It's only for AXI4 to AXI4-Stream, but I don't think there is any AXI3/4 compilantt IP in the catalog. Nevertheless you always can use an AXI interconnect to convert the protocol from AXI3 to AXI4.


2. There are some differences between them, which makes each IP more suitable for a specific use case:


2.1 AXI DataMover (PG022) is an IP that provides transfer of data between the AXI4 memory-mapped and AXI4-Stream domains. The IP provides two control ports to allow an IP to perform AXI4 memory-mapped transactions (ie. read from DDR memory and get data as AXI stream).


2.2 AXI Memory Mapped to Stream Mapper (PG102), is just protocol converter so does not have any control port to start transactions. The overview of the PG have a good idea of it's purpose:

The function of the AXI Memory-Mapped to Stream Mapper IP (axi_mm2s_mapper) is to
encapsulate AXI4 Memory-Mapped (AXI4-MM) transactions onto a pair of AXI4-Stream
(AXI4-S) interfaces. This allows use of the AXI4-S components which are generally smaller in
area, faster in frequency, and allow more flexibility in system designs. The AXI
Memory-Mapped to Stream Mapper IP is intended to be used in pairs with one side of the
pair converting the AXI4-MM transactions to AXI4-Stream transactions and the other half to
perform in the inverse operation to expand the AXI4-S transactions to AXI4-MM





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