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Registered: ‎02-21-2021

AXI Ethernet Lite driver issue with MDIO


I am currently using a custom SoC from Shakti Microprocessor. We have added the AXI Ethernet Lite IP from Xilinx to add ethernet lite support. The interrupt is from PLIC where ID is 31. I am trying to enable the xemaclite driver for ethernet in Linux, the MDIO gets probed and the "Link is down" comes from the adjust_link function from the driver(after xemaclite_open function upon ifup eth0/during netplug init). Along with that when I try to read the BMCR and BMSR values through the MDIO bus the value returned is always 0xFFFF (for both registers). But, the standalone code from Shakti SDK doesn't use MDIO, still ping can be tested using that.

My question is that is there any way to use the AXI Ethernet Lite without MDIO in Linux 5.5.0-rc1. Is it a hardware fault (SoC or Board) or configuration issue.

I have attached the dts for further clarity.

Thanks in advance.

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