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Registered: ‎04-04-2012

IIC read no ACK


     I am trying to issue a read without ACK to an IIC device using the Xilinx IIC core and based on the examples given. I am able to write fine to registers , but I can't read them. My board is the Spartan 3E starter kit.


                                          thanks in advance.

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Registered: ‎07-21-2009

Please do not cross-post

You have posted the same problem in three different forums.  An answer was posted in this thread, and you have not yet responded to the posted questions.


Please do not post duplicate threads.  This is called cross-posting, and this practice creates wasted effort and confusion.


-- Bob Elkind

README for newbies is here:

1. Read the manual or user guide. Have you read the manual? Can you find the manual?
2. Search the forums (and search the web) for similar topics.
3. Do not post the same question on multiple forums.
4. Do not post a new topic or question on someone else's thread, start a new thread!
5. Students: Copying code is not the same as learning to design.
6 "It does not work" is not a question which can be answered. Provide useful details (with webpage, datasheet links, please).
7. You are not charged extra fees for comments in your code.
8. I am not paid for forum posts. If I write a good post, then I have been good for nothing.
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