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Registered: ‎12-01-2017

PMA output is not as expected



I am using a transceiver QSFP within an UltraScale+ 7P FPGA and I am experimenting some issues with the PMA-PCS interface IP generated with Transceiver Wizard 1.7.


My setup is a QSFP module connected to the FPGA, with some ILA probes on rx data output (PCS and MAC custom RTL) and an Ethernet card (10Gbs) sending data.


In normal operation, when I connect the cable to the QSFP module and on the other side the eth card I can transfer data without issues. But, when I unplug the cable on the QSFP module, the output on the PMA is not as expected. 

Instead of having a random data (raw scrambled data), I get an stable output of 0xaaaaaaaa. 


Does this behavior look normal to you?  


Thanks you for your help

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