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Registered: ‎07-23-2019

Using SFP Devices on a ZCU102 running VxWorks


Appoligies in advance if this is not the right board, but I am trying to get a 1G SFP device to work with VxWorks on the ZCU102 development board.  Has anyone managed to get this to work?  If so can I pick your brain about how you did it?

I have verified that my board and SFP aren't broken by using the Linux examples provided in applicaiton note XAPP1305.  From my reading it appears that I have to get some variant of GMII out of the EMIO.  The VxWorks GEM driver does appear to have some device tree directives to help support this.  However, it apears that this was intended for use with the Zynq7k devices and is primarly an artifact of the VxWorks BSP for the ZCU102 having bene direved from the one for the Zynq7k.

Any assisance, thoughts, or guidance would be appreceated because I'm frankly feeling pretty far in over my head here with all there is to learn haha.

Thank you,
Mike Shlanta

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