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Registered: ‎09-07-2008

problem when i am attemting PING command by using two Vertex 2 PRO boards between two desltops


          I am Satheesh. I am using Vertex 2 pro  boards. in part of my work i am using one board to encrypt the ethernet data and other to decrypt the same data. so in this process when i am sending data by using MAC address both encryption and decryption and data sending out also happening.


          Flow of data transfer is like this:

          from desktop1 to one FPGA board for encryption

          encrypted data sending to other board for decryption

          Decrypted data from Board to Desktop2.

For this operations i am observing whether data Encryption/Decryption properly by using hyperterminal and showing expected data.


      Now if i try PING from  Desktop1 to Desktop2 i am not able to get reply from Desktop2. and also on the hyperterminal it's not showing that board has receieved some data of type IP(internet Protocol).


      Can anyone help me regarding this issue.






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