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Registered: ‎05-24-2018

zcu102 10G ethernet interface does not work when connected to PC

Hello Everyone, 

So, we have two zcu102 boards on which we implemented a 10G ethernet project using Vivado and Petalinux 2019.2.1. The connection worked (ping) when we tested the design on both boards, however, it fails with the error "XXV MAC block lock not complete! Cross-check the MAC ref clock configuration". Now there are a few things I would like to draw your attention to...

  1. We got the base project (which we modified to get the board-to-board working version) from Xilinx. The ready to test boot and images files from Xilinx work with both boards and board to PC
  2. We have a custom board on which we are testing the same project. That one works with PC like a charm
  3. When we connected our custom board to the zcu102, it also failed to work, with the above-stated error showing on the terminal

What could be causing this kind of error? What are some of the things I have to check? I would appreciate any effort in helping solve this problem

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