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Registered: ‎12-08-2019

Booting proFPGA using USB


I am using the XCVU440 proFPGA module on the Uno motherboard. I have a bit file generated that I have linked to the .mmi and the .elf files using a TCL script. The merged bit file is booted onto the FPGA using an USB stick. 

I am not able to see the full functionality of my design on the FPGA. I have included a FIFO, DMA and a MIG IP for a DDR4 board.  I am using Microblaze as the processing core for the project. The FPGA boots successfully but some memory functions are not functioning as expected.

When I boot the same code throught the XSDK, the complete functionality of the project is observed. Is there anything different that needs to be done inorder to boot through USB. 

In my design, the FIFO module is not connected to the Microblaze. Is this a potential problem?

Looking for any solutions.


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