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Registered: ‎04-04-2018

IDCODE mismatch while programming xc18v04-vqg44

Trying to program xc18v04-vqg44brt PROM that is replacing xc18v04-vq44i PROM using very old version of WebPack.

IDCode read from the device does not match the IDCode in xc18v04_vq44.bsd file (no xc18v04_vqg44.bsd file available in ~Xilinx_WebPack\data\ folder):

Expected IDCode in bsd file     0000 0101000000000110 00001001001 1

IDCode read from the device   1111 0101000000110110 00001001001 1


Qs: Has anyone experienced with these programming issues, had a similar problem, and fixed it? Is the version code ‘1111’ valid code? Is the version of WebPack compatible with the xc18v04-vqg44 device? If not, is it possible to create xc18v04_vqg44.bsd and .exo (Motorola Exormacs) files?


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎09-24-2007

Page 7 of DS026, the 18V00 PROM datasheet, shows the XC18V04 can have an IDCODE of either 05026093h or 05036093h.

Checking the BSDL file for the device should give the following IDCODE:

attribute IDCODE_REGISTER of XC18V04: entity is

        "XXXX" &                -- version
        "01010000001X0110" &    -- part number
        "00001001001" &         -- manufacturer's id
        "1";                    -- required by standard


Please check your BSDL file and make sure the appropriate bit in the "part number" section of the IDCODE REGISTER attribute is masked out as "X".  Also the Version bits need to be XXXX as well.

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