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Registered: ‎12-26-2016

PetaLinux fails randomly on custom SoM

Hi all,

I want to run a PetaLinux version (my toolchain is all 2018.2) on my Zynq 7020 on a custom SoM. The Zynq itself is one of the latest batch with a 2D barcode on it, speed grade -1. I get random boot hang ups, kernel panics, segmentation faults or other errors.The Zynq reaches around 58 celsius surface temperature if it fails to boot. Normal boot is around 49-51 celsius.

A power cycle UART-Log is attached where you can see all kind of different errors. We define a successful boot when the TempPL login line is printed. The whole linux is placed in the QSPI.

Most of the time the boot fails at executing udev initial routines. The errors may differ each time one occurs. All our PCB signal integrity checks succeeded and the supply voltages for the DDR, PS, PL, misc. peripherals are stable. We use UART1 and QSPI as the only MIO configuration.

There are no additional configurations for PetaLinux except the synthesized HDF. If we run some stress-ng tests after the linux is booted they may fail too either with hang-ups or segmentation faults/kernel panics. Xilinx SDK memory tests show no errors running on bare metal (with one A9 processor running).

If you need further information to help me I'll be happy to share!


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