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Registered: ‎07-14-2020

Platform Cable DLC9G not recognized on vmware with Windows XP


I'm using Platform Cable DLC9G in my computer which runs vmware player 5.0.1 (Also tried with 15.0.4). When I'm not on the vmware the Platform Cable is recognized fine and I can use XILINX softwares such as IMPACT and etc. but when the vmware with Windows XP on it runs the Platform Cable is not recognized so I can't use the XILINX Platform Studio SDK. The Platform Studio SDK runs but I can't program. The VMWare says it's in use (Currently in use) but I verified it's not (I disconnected and connected and I verified nothing runs on the original PC outside the VM). Another message shows sometimes is a driver error.

Reminder: It works outside the VMWare. There's another computer which runs the same VM and it works there but I can't spot the difference.

Thanks for helping.

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