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Observer centercitybill
Registered: ‎01-27-2016

Remote configuration of the onboard flash

We would like to be able to load our on board flash memory remotely with a compuer running ubuntu linux. Our approach will be to use a SPI port from our on board processor to load a new image into the flash via it's SPI interface. Most likely it will have to be 1x.

I have searched through the forums looking for a similar case, but was not able to find anything similar.

I am assuming to load the flash I would need to select the JTAG config mode so that the processor can use the SPI bus without conflict, load the flash, and then select the Master SPI mode and reboot the FPGA and load the FPGA via the flash.

Please provide any references that you can. We do have the USB JTAG Digilent device on the board which is what we use in the lab to load the flash indirectly through the fpga. We also have a USB port on the processor, but I was thinking running the Vivado tools on the linux processor would be more work than directly loading the flash.

Our device is an Artix 7(75) and we are using Vivado 2017.4. Thanks for your help.

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Scholar drjohnsmith
Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Re: Remote configuration of the onboard flash

I have feeling what your looking for is multi boot / golden image / fall back image.


All of them are basicaly the configured system, being able to update its flash , and verify it, then switch over to the new image.


Th ekey parts are verify, and switch over.

The switching has to be done atomicaly,

   i.e. typiclay one byte in the Flash gets changed to point to the new boot sector,


The key thing is to have zero posibility of th eflashing corupting the board so it cant come up .

( worke don fixing a board, used at top of big masts, it had a feature that f there was a power glitch in the 10 ms that a switch over of images happend the the board was dead, and some one had to be sent out to the mast , yes 10 ms is minor, and it was demeed in review it was never going to happen, till it did a few times, and it cost the company an abs fortune )



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