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Registered: ‎07-25-2020

issue: Picozed 7030 Quad Ethernet FMC

I am trying to build Quad- gig- AXI-Ethernet on PicoZed FMC carrier V2 and SOM 7030 and OP031 and (1.8V version): OP031-1V8 (installed drivers CP210x) vivado version 18.02 on ubuntu 16.0
I Followed the steps mentioned in these links.
the output I got on terminals is attached below.
i tried the same for Zedboard and run the Boot and image file then it shows the message promiscuous mode disable
but for PicoZed it shows  "IPV6 :ADDRCONF netdev_change"
also i tried with petalinux fmc bsp -> and built the files in that folder using the vivado sdk folder bit file and hdf as shown in the link above
On the setup side- PicoZed board with FMC card - 1.8V roustabout / normal both - work well.
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