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Registered: ‎09-24-2007

Netlist question



I have a question regarding importing of netlists into the project directory.


Basically, what I want to do is to create 2 different projects -One is a project which contains some vhdl (.vhd) , IP cores (.xco) and netlists (.ngc) from which a synthesized netlist will be created, and the other project will be the main top project where the created netlist will be imported into this directory.


I want to ask if this is feasible. I've tried before a version where there is only vhd files - I compiled this, get a ngc and imported it (together with the xst folder) into another project directory and it works. However, this time round there are already existing ngc and xco files present. Will just doing synthesis alone combine all the vhd, xco and ngc into the new ngc file? The reason why I asked this is because when I tried implemention in the main project, it failed due to missing xco and ngc files.


Even if I add these xco and ngc files in the main project directory, the final slices and bram occupancy is much lesser than that of occupany result if all the sources are implemented in 1 single project instead of 2 (Of cos the FPGA is not performing its functionality). Does this mean that the xco and ngc files are not being implemented at all?


Am I doing this correctly, or there is some other steps I need to do? I appreciate any advice or suggestions, thanks a bunch.





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