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Participant jehandad
Registered: ‎06-08-2016

Merging hls::streams outputs from concurrent functions

#pragma HLS PIPELINE II=1 enable_flush

	if(!stream_a.empty() &&
		data_t data_out;
		data_t p  = stream_a.read();
	        data_t r;
		r = stream_b.read();
		data_out.mem1 = p.mem1;
		data_out.mem2 = p.mem2;
		data_out.mem3  = r;


The above code is trying to partially merge two streams together in HLS. To me it is obvious that the initiation interval should be one when pipelined however, Vivado HLS is unable to do the same and returns the following log entry:

WARNING: [SCHED 204-68] Unable to enforce a carried dependency constraint (II = 1, distance = 1)
   between fifo read on port 'data_in_V' and fifo request on port 'data_in_V'.

Any insight would be much appreciated.


stream_a and stream_b and stream_out are hls::stream interfaces.

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