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Visitor iordanouk
Registered: ‎12-19-2017

Problem with hls::opencv (difference in the definition of keypoint)

Dear all, 


I am facing a problem using the HLS Video library. I posted again for this problem some time ago, but it seems that

the problem didn't solved.


Reading from here,  the FASTX function generating either a mask of corners, or an array of coordinates


But I have an application which uses FAST in openCV and the FAST function returns an array of keypoints which means that not only returns an array of coordinates but also other fields such as keypoint detector which is the response on the keypoint (the strength of the keypoint). more info here

As you can see from the reference, the keypoint has a field response. So this parameter doesn't exist in the hls::FASTx definition.


So my question is how can hls::FASTX in HLS return except from the array of coordinates,  a vector of keypoints as described in the openCV documentation?


Thank you for your time,


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