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Visitor carpe_noctem
Registered: ‎01-03-2017

Same Template Class is build different



i have a problem.


I wrote a template Class for a Buffer, which save's a complete Line.


void MeanFilter(ap_uint<8> iData, ap_uint<8> iData_Temp,
		ap_uint<8>* oData, GetLineParam ImageData){
#pragma HLS pipeline II=1
#pragma HLS INTERFACE ap_ctrl_none port=return

	static ap_uint<8> Buf1[7], Buf2[7];
	static Buf::Buffer<7, 200> Buff_A;
	static Buf::Buffer<7, 200> Buff_B;

	Buff_A.GetCol(ImageData, iData, Buf1);
	Buff_B.GetCol(ImageData, iData_Temp, Buf2);

	*oData = (Buf1[0]+Buf1[3]+Buf1[6]+Buf2[0]+Buf2[3]+Buf2[6])/6;


When i use the Buffer only one time the compiler build 7 BRAM Cells, but now with 2 Buffers the compiler build the second buffer different.


2017-01-03 12_24_21-Vivado HLS - Test2Input (C__Users_THINKY_Vivado_HLS_Test2Input).png


When i swap Buff_A and Buff_B the result is also swapped.



namespace Buf
template<int HEIGHT, int WIDTH>
class Buffer {
#pragma HLS INLINE
#pragma HLS ARRAY_PARTITION variable=LineBufferDelay_1 dim=1 complete
			VLine = 0;
		void GetCol(GetLineParam iImageData, ap_uint<8> iData, ap_uint<8> oData[HEIGHT]);
		ap_uint<14> VLine;
		ap_uint<8> LineBufferDelay_1[HEIGHT][WIDTH];

};} //namespace

template<int HEIGHT, int WIDTH> void Buf::Buffer<HEIGHT, WIDTH>::GetCol(GetLineParam iImageData, ap_uint<8> iData, ap_uint<8> oData[HEIGHT]) {
#pragma HLS INLINE
#pragma HLS ARRAY_PARTITION variable=oData complete dim=1

	int i = 0;
	int t = 0;

	//Rotate Pointer on Matrix and fill oData


i know, that i have no conflict in the Template class and the result is right.


Anyone have an Idea?



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Visitor carpe_noctem
Registered: ‎01-03-2017

Re: Same Template Class is build different

when i change the Buffer Size to 8 Lines the Compiler build it in the right way and i get a Pipeline Function. But with 7 Lines it is not possible to build it as pipeline.

But why?
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