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Registered: ‎05-20-2014

Using a library and setting compiler commands

Hello all,

I'd like to read .mat files (created with Matlab) for my test bench. Mathworks provides a C/C++ header file mat.h in combination with a library file for this purpose. The library file requires additional compiler commands which I am unable to configure in Vivado HLS in a way that works. Maybe somebody can help me out with this?

According to this Mathworks site I need to include mat.h and libmat.dll in two different folders in the matlab installation path.


Examples for valid compiler settings I found on stackoverflow (Mathwork doesn't seem to provide any) are:

cc -I/usr/local/MATLAB/R2011a/extern/include/ -L/usr/local/MATLAB/R2011a/bin/glnxa64 animate_shot.c -o animate_shot -lmat -lmx
g++ program.cpp -I/usr/local/MATLAB/R2012a/extern/include -L/usr/local/MATLAB/R2012a/bin/glnxa64 -L/usr/local/MATLAB/R2012a/extern/lib -lmat -o program

So basically I have to add the header (-I), the library (-L) and the name of the library (-l).


I went to Properties after right clicking my main project in the HLS Explorer and configured it as you can see in the following screenshots:





Alas I still receive these errors:


C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:10: undefined reference to `matOpen'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:14: undefined reference to `matGetVariable'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:15: undefined reference to `mxIsDouble'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:15: undefined reference to `mxIsEmpty'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:17: undefined reference to `mxGetNumberOfElements'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:18: undefined reference to `mxGetPr'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:26: undefined reference to `mxDestroyArray'
C:\Users\readMatTest\readMatTest\solution1\csim\build/../../../../testbench.cpp:27: undefined reference to `matClose'

where line 10 in testbench.cpp is for example:

 MATFile *pmat = matOpen(file, "r");

What could be the cause for this?


(I would provide the project files, but I don't think I can share the mathworks files for copyright reasons)


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Did you try including the mat.h additionally in the HLS project?

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