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Registered: ‎07-27-2012

"Error: Unrecognizable sensitive expression" when using sc_signal or sc_in from a member struct od the SC_MODULE in the sensitivity list of a SC_METHOD

I think that I have found a bug in Vivado HLS.

I know that this is not a common practice in SystemC, nevertheless, I did not found any restriction to it in the user guide.

If I use signals or input ports that are members of the SC_MODULE in the sensitivity list of a SC_METHOD, there is not problem. However, if I try to put together a group of signals or ports in a struct and use them in the sensitivity list, I can compile (and simulate) it but I cannot synthesize it. I got the following error:

Analyze module (ip) ...
Error: Unrecognizable sensitive expression.
sensitive << aux.a << aux.b; in method_test/src/ip.h:31
SystemC element preprocessor failed

I attach a minimal code that captures the problem.


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