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Registered: ‎08-08-2020

SDx 2019.1 Execution of Pre/Post installation Tasks Failed via Add Design Tools or Devices

I installed SDx 2019.1  via "Add Design Tools or Devices" in Ubuntu 18.04. However, I got an error Execution of Pre/Post installation Tasks failed.

The following error appeared like

Warning: Xilinx software was installed successfully, but an expected status was returned from the following post installation task(s) Traceback (most rescent call last):

File "/media/adiseshu/Softwares/Xilinx/SDX/2019.1/data/emulation/qemu/zynq/", line 254, in <module> change_interpreter(e)

File "/media/adiseshu/Softwares/Xilinx/SDX/2019.1/data/emulation/qemu/zynq/", line 89, in change_interpreter p_memsz, p_flags, p_align = struct.unpack(ph_fmt, ph_hdr)

struct.error: unpack reqquires a string argument of length 32</html>.

How to solve this Problem?

Thank you.


Screenshot from 2020-08-09 13-08-30.png
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