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Registered: ‎05-22-2018

[Common 17-345] A valid license was not found for feature 'Synthesis' and/or device 'xczu9eg'.

Hi everyone,


I am using Vivado 2020.1 and ZCU102. I am trying to run synthesis and implementation for JESD204C IP example design. When I try to run synthesis, I get the following error

[Common 17-345] A valid license was not found for feature 'Synthesis' and/or device 'xczu9eg'. Please run the Vivado License Manager for assistance in determining
which features and devices are licensed for your system.
Resolution: Check the status of your licenses in the Vivado License Manager. For debug help search Xilinx Support for "Licensing FAQ". If you are using a license server, verify that the license server is up and running a version of the xilinx daemon that is compatible with the version of Xilinx software that you are using. Please note that Vivado 2017.3 and later requires upgrading your license server tools to the Flex 11.14.1 tools. Please confirm with your license admin that the correct version of the license server tools are installed.

I saw a similar post but it was for a previous version of vivado.

On the post I see that environment info can help and hence generated xinfo.txt by running following command

report_environment -file xinfo.txt

xinfo.txt is added as attachment.

I am sure that I installed relevant licenses even though they are only evaluation licenses (Vivado Design suite-30 day evaluation license for Vivado and SDSoC Environment-60 day evaluation license for ZCU102) and the expiration date is still due for both. I opened Manage licenses 2020.1 and loaded both the licenses. However I am still unable to run synthesis for the above said example design.


One thing is that the version limit is 2020.09. Is that what is causing issue? Or is it something else? Following is the licensing info for 2020.1

vivado 2020.1 license info.PNG


Can someone suggest what can be done?  


Thanks in advance,




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Hi @Zoro100 

The issue is that the host ID column match value is "No". This means that the license was not generated for the machine you are trying to use.

In Vivado License manager, you can see the detail for the host:


You need to use the same when generating the license



Version limit = 2020.09 means that you can use any tools released before September (09) 2020. So all the tools up to 2020.1. (2020.1 is ok with version limit 2020.09 but not 2020.2 as it was released in November 2020)


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