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Registered: ‎11-20-2017

Compile and optimize designs on the AWS directly from Vivado

Hi fellow designers, I work for Plunify, an engineering team focusing on timing optimization using machine learning. The concept of using the cloud for FPGA design is not new, but has gotten more attention with the F1 instances. As a Xilinx-AWS partner, we also recently released Plunify Cloud (, a push button add-on to Vivado's main toolbar, which one can use to compile, test and even optimize projects or DCPs on AWS (and other clouds to come).

Plunify Cloud is designed to provide ease of access to scalable compute resources. Right now, this works with AWS only as the software licenses are provided by AWS (exactly like what you will get when you use a F1 instances)


 Plunify CloudUI.jpg


We would love to get your feedback on this plugin and find out how the cloud can be a good additional resource for compute-intensive FPGA tasks like design space exploration or simply getting builds done quickly. And we try to make it affordable too.


If you are interested, check out this demo video to know more

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