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Registered: ‎12-14-2018

Virtex 2 pro and Sparten 3 - options for software

What are my IDE options in order to develop for virtex 2 pro and spartan 3. I figured that last IDE to support these devices is ISE 10.1 which does not seem to install in my windows 10 machine. I prefer not to buy any new boards, not to switch to Linux and not to use VM's (due to slowness). Do I have any other options?

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Registered: ‎06-14-2010

Hello @manusha,

Indeed, if you check this Answer Record (, here you can see that ISE 10.1 was the last release that supported both Virtex 2 Pro and Spartan 3.

And from this Answer Record,, here you can see what operating systems are/were supported with each release.
Therefore, you'd need to find one of these supported OSs (or build a VM on Win 10) that is compatible with ISE 10.1. Otherwise, you'd have many issues on the line, even if you'd manage to successfully install ISE 10.1 on Win 10 Operating System.


Kind Regards,
Anatoli Curran,
Xilinx Technical Support

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